Corporate Catering in Toledo, Ohio

Want to make a lasting impression with your co-workers at your next corporate special event? Let Nick and Nino’s professional corporate catering services take it to the next level with our wide selection of mouth-watering recipes.

Nick & Nino’s, Southeastern Michigan’s favorite sports bar and grill, has taken their flavorful recipes to the streets of Toledo, Ohio and beyond. While Toledo residents have rejoiced with delightful meals in their backyard, you can reserve Nick & Nino’s for yourself – and your office guests of course.

Our corporate catering services are perfect for:

  • Special work events
  • Celebrate company milestones
  • Celebrate key stakeholders birthdays
  • Executive meetings
  • Presentations

catering for corporate business event Toledo

Why Choose Us for your Corporate Catering Event in Toledo, Ohio?

We don’t re-heat food for events like other corporate caterer’s do. Our food is 100% fresh and cooked to perfection in our state of the art stoves and it will taste just as good as at our restaurant. The talk of the office might just be your catered event. Here is what to expect with our corporate catering.

  • Exceptional food quality: all of our food is made fresh, never re-heated
  • Portions: No one will go home hungry. There will be plenty of flavor and food for everyone
  • Service: Our servers are super friendly, highly trained and are professionally dressed

Leave the stress of cooking and planning a meal to our experienced Toledo corporate catering crew. We cater to customers in NW Ohio and SE Michigan as well.

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